DrupalZM – Status Line

Unfortunately I came down with a nasty cold yesterday, but did manage to finish up the AJAX functionality tonight, including the ability for the page to redirect instead of displaying content (in the case of when the game is restarted/quit – in these cases the browser redirects to another URL which resets the game and sends the user back to the game description screen if they’re quitting).

Also, I implemented the status bar and got that working with both normal page refreshes and via AJAX. Additionally, the current room, score, and moves is now stored in the machine state database entry, which means that its possible to see where everyone online currently is and what the high scores are for all games.

Here’s a quick screenshot of a Zork I screen with status bar. You can see the beginnings of the save/load block as well, though more functionality and cleanup will be going into that.

DrupalZM Screenshot 1

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