Upcoming This Week (PSX64 and Gruepal)

Just a heads up, I’ve been off the radar the last week with Christmas stuff going on, but I’m gearing back up to get some work done and tutorials out.

By the end of the week I should have two things ready to go –

1. Gruepal is up and running on another (faster) server. It’s shared webspace but the processor is a hell of a lot faster. If you are interested in helping test out some interactive fiction, shoot me a comment/message and I’ll send you back a username and password for when the site is ready.

2. I’m going to be adding some Paypal cart functionality to purchase a PSX64 on the Synthetic Dreams site. After sales at the TPUG convention, I have about 15 in stock. Once those 15 go I’ll make another batch.

Plus some other random goodness. Hope everyone had a good holiday!

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  1. Joe says:

    Toniii I want to try it! Also, where’s your hosting? I have a decent VPS you could dump some processor intensive stuff on, I just don’t have a ton of storage space on it.

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