Great Retro Computing Podcast

As is painfully apparent by my projects/blog posts/hobbies, I’m a huge retro computing fan. As such, I find it interesting to hear about others’ experiences with retro hardware – what they have in their collection, forgotten tidbits about these computers, things currently going on in the community, etc.

A fantastic podcast I’ve been listening to for a couple months now and really digging is The Retrobits Podcast.

There have been 116 shows or so, all covering a variety of different machines and topics. If you’re a classic computer fan like me, you should check it out – the host, Earl Evans, seems like a nice guy and does a good job with presenting the info in a clear and entertaining manner. Plus he’s a Commodore fan so bonus points there.

So load up your iPod or Smart Phone and give it a listen on your way into work, it definitely makes my morning commute more enjoyable.

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