Shredz64 – Scanning Disk for SIDs

Tonight I found a cc65 implementation (e.g. uses cbm.h) of the POSIX routines for reading in the directory structure on a C64 disk (need to investigate who wrote it originally to give credit, its just a quick segment of code). Hacked it a bit to fit what I was doing – now from the main menu, you can choose to play or edit a song. Once choosing either, it will present you with a song selection screen – it automatically scans the disk for any files ending in “.sid” and displays them as selections. If you edit them, it will save an according “.not” file with the same filename base. If you play it it will load the correct “.not” file. Now if people want to add their own sids, all they have to do is drop it onto the disk with a .sid ending! (And make sure the SID is one that executes in the first 10K of memory, which most do). This makes the program a lot easier to test (and more fun!).

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