Shredz64 – Bitmap Loader

This entry covers the last couple of days, I’ve been working pretty late each night on Shredz64 and was too lazy to make an entry. A few things – I cleaned up a bunch of code, moved things where they logically should go in the source. I also wanted to take a break from more tedious stuff, so I wrote a bitmap loader in case I need it anywhere (title/menu screens, etc), and here are some quick mockups I made for title screens. None are finished products (plus I’m using artwork for the rock-on one and I’m not sure who the artist is), but it demonstrates that the bitmap loader works and I can create pretty detailed bitmaps (relatively speaking). Here are two screenshots:

I also wrote the code to read score files off the disk for each song and display scores when a user is picking a song. It also caches all song info now (filenames, titles, artists, and scores) so it doesn’t have to read it off disk every time you go to the song selection screen. I still need to write the code to save scores, I just manually created the score files with a hex editor for now. Anyway, lots of good progress.

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