Shredz64 and PSX64 Updates

Due to quite a bit of interest and positive support, I’ve tried to kick my butt back in gear and start producing more PSX64 boards, as well as update Shredz64 a bit. We’ve been popping up in a few expos and meetups, including TNMOC’s Vintage Computer Festival 2010 at Bletchley Park, VCF East, SC3 Arcade Party, and most recently at the Commodore Computer Club.

It means a lot that people are still very interested in this work, so I’ve started by making the following updates:

  1. Updated the PSX64 firmware to fix a bug in macro recording, tighten up the analog joystick response, and increase sensitivity for precision game play when a non-Guitar controller is plugged in.
  2. Updated the Shredz64 webpage with a downloadable bonus track, the Stairway to Heaven Intro, by Nantco Bakker. This track appeared on very early versions of Shredz64, but was replaced with Edwin’s Dream. Now both tracks can be enjoyed.
  3. Since shipping varies wildly, and I tend to make boards as the need arises, I replaced the Paypal button on the order page with a link to the contact page. If you’re interested in ordering a PSX64, simply contact me with your shipping address, and I’ll quote you out the total price.

Thanks for your support everyone!

2 Responses to Shredz64 and PSX64 Updates

  1. Hey Toni. Looking forward to your possible updates to your Shredz64 program. Thank you for adding Stairway to Heaven as a bonus track. I’m looking forward to playing that one.

    Hopefully at some point you can make the main program and notes editor have stand alone versions, that way people can add easy, medium and hard levels to each song with room to spare.

    We noticed at our last Commodore Computer Club meeting that the songs were all pretty hard, but that’s because currently the included songs are all one set level.

    Keep up the great work. Your Shredz64 program and PSX64 are now staples at our Commodore Computer Club meetings.

    Thanks for the mention as well. It’s much appreciated. Keep up the great work. Rock on!

    • Toni says:

      First off, again – thanks a ton for having it at the meetings, I hope people enjoy it.

      Yeah – the stand alone note editor definitely needs to happen. Either on the C64 platform, or as a windows app (having a mouse based GUI would certainly make the process a lottt easier). Plus, taking it out of the main program would free up a lot of memory to have some more fun with (including true multiple difficulties).

      Also, I just put out another download track (Bombo by Ben Daglish) – I made this one very easy as well – for the most part it only makes use of the first 3 buttons, except for few times when it uses the 4th one as well, but rarely – and never the 5th. I’ll probably end up including that one as one of the standard track on future disks, just to even the difficulty levels out a bit, until the new version comes out.

      Thanks again!

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