Shredz64 – SID speed handler

Okayyyy, so I added a little more in. I got more space by taking all the text for the credits screen out of the program and putting it onto disk, then writing a very lightweight loader for it to pop directly into screen memory. That freed up 300 bytes. I needed space as I wanted to add support for playing PAL SIDs on NTSC systems at the right speed and vice versa. Don’t get too excited, it only works for SIDs that have the system speed specified in the file (which isn’t all of them by any means), and it doesn’t alter the frequency, only the playing speed. So NTSC users playing PAL songs will hear the song at a slightly higher frequency, but the song will still play the right speed (and the notes will go at the right speed). Not a big deal, but there were a few really great SIDs I’m including in the game that are PAL and have their system speed specified in the file, and they sounded so much better at their right speed, so it was worth it just for those (and future) SIDs.

So, I will be distributing a NTSC binary and a PAL binary of the game. They’re the exact same thing except a few constants defined which allow what’s mentioned above to work right. Again, this is only for a very small subset of SIDs, but at least its a help for those.

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