Shredz64 at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Just a heads up, if you’re around the Portland, OR area this weekend (September 18-19), stop by the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Not only does it promise to have TONS of retro games, hardware, and general awesomeness to play and buy, but the Commodore Computer Club and Users Group of Vancouver, WA will be at the Expo demonstrating Shredz64 and the PSX64 in action! They’ll also have lots of other Commodore goodness to check out.

The expo is located at:

Portland Crowne Plaza
1441 NE 2nd Avenue
Portland, OR

And full details can be obtained on the website. Personally I’m very jealous of everyone who gets to attend, I wish I could be there myself – it looks like its going to be a blast! Check it out if you can!

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  1. Indeed, the Portland Retro Gaming Expo is going to rock (like it always does), especially with having your Shredz64 and the PSX64 on hand for people to play, check out and purchase as well at our Commodore Computer Club vendor table.

    I’ll be sure to get lots of pictures and pass them your way of your rad Shredz64 software and the PSX64 board with people having a good time. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions being able to play Guitar Hero on a C64… not too many people have seen it around here unless they’ve come to our monthly meetings.

    Rock on! \m/

    • Toni says:

      Yes, definitely get tons of pictures – it’ll be great not only to see it in action, but all see the expo in general. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to attend.

  2. […] Expo and say “hello”. You’ll be able to play a few classic games, rock out with Shredz64 (Guitar Hero for the C64) and relive your childhood memories of anything Commodore […]

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