Shredz64 – Button Two Enabled for Amiga/SMS

I needed to incorporate a few safety features into the final (for now) revision of the PSX64 design, so while I was changing hardware around, I decided to add support for the second button on Amiga and Sega systems which required more than just a firmware change (I needed to share pin 9 with both the second digital pot and a direct mapping into the MCU, so now in guitar mode the digital pot takes control of pin 9 and the MCU goes into high impedance on that pin, and vice versa when in normal controller mode.)

I tested it out with a little Mortal Kombat II on my A1200. Button one is mapped over to X, and button two is mapped over to square. Both kicking and punching worked great in MKII! I’ll be putting the schematics of this final version up tonight/tomorrow. Back to the PCB printers again!

2 Responses to Shredz64 – Button Two Enabled for Amiga/SMS

  1. Justin says:

    Is there any place here that has the schematics and firmware to make the interface? The links provided are broken.

  2. Toni says:

    Hey Justin – schematics are up on the PSX64 project page. Firmware will be up in the next day or two (I noticed a bug I want to fix first).

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