BerryCraft – Update 5/13/12

I was hoping to release the first iteration of the BerryCraft client tonight, and though I got a lot done this weekend, there are still a couple errors that are preventing it from going primetime.

Most importantly, I fleshed out 99% of the Minecraft protocol IO functions, so it can send and retrieve all 68 or so packet types as documented.  Obviously it only actually implements the basic connection/chat/time functionality (as opposed to drawing anything), but as far as communicating with the server, it understands everything (just  a couple errros still popping up from things not working right).  This is almost a necessity, as the server could potentially send any packet type over, and if the client doesn’t receive it properly, it will crash – so it has to be ready for anything in the protocol specification.  Internally, it can tell when mobs are spawned/move/look, when painting/items spawn, player abilities/movements, sound effects happen, etc etc.

Also – the client stays up for as long as desired (I ran it for 30-40 minutes at one point) – so it should be stable once the fixes are done.

Hopefully it won’t take more more than a couple nights to fix the bugs – expect another post when it’s good to go!

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