BerryCraft Available for Download

I fixed up the last of the bugs, and added in a small amount of new functionality, and the first iteration of the BerryCraft, the Blackberry Minecraft chat client, is now complete.


The first iteration includes the following functionality:

  1. Connects to Minecraft server from your Blackberry (handles both authenticated or offline modes)
  2. Allows chatting with players online (and sending commands such as /time, /list, etc if available to your account)
  3. Has 3 user-assignable macros for repeatedly used messages/commands (good for admin commands)
  4. Allows user to set launcher and protocol version, which assuming no major protocol changes, should allow the client to continue to work with future server versions.
  5. Works with BB devices OS 5.0 and up over any connection type (Wifi, BIS, MDS, etc)

Additionally, the source code is available here – it includes an IO engine that fully sends/receives all packet types and a shell Game class to implement future functionality past chatting.

Download OTA here!

12 Responses to BerryCraft Available for Download

  1. Josh says:

    The app crashes after around 25 seconds, after increasing lag and slowness it gives in. I have a Bold 9780

    • Toni says:

      Hi Josh –

      Sorry to hear you’ve had some problems with it. The Minecraft protocol can be pretty chatty depending on how big the world is, so you’ll want to check the following things:

      1. Are you going over wifi, 2g, 3g, etc? If you’re going over a slow connection, either low coverage or slow like 2g, you’re going to notice a lot of lag if you’re in a well populated Minecraft world (or one with a lot of mobs)

      2. Typical stuff like memory usage – be sure to give your phone a reboot to make sure nothing extra is running.

      Any slowness I’ve noticed with the app though is always due to too much happening on a slow connection though. It was okay over wifi or 3g with good coverage. Let me know if I can provide other info. Thanks –

      • Bronze says:


        Just to test it, I tried to connect to my local server at home. I run Tekkit (latest stable) (and also have vanilla).
        I can ping the local server from the BB.

        I had some errors. I assume the app should work with these versions and should be able to use local IP addresses?

        • Toni says:

          Hi Bronze –

          What error message are you receiving? There’s a good chance the protocol has changed since I released this app. I’ll take a look and see if I can refresh it for the latest version and make another post if successful. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Rogue says:

    Could you possibly make a version for blackberry phones with 4.5 OS or lower? The version you have right now of course works with 5.0 and above as you stated, but for 4.5 and below the network api isn’t included. If you can, that would be amazing, I can’t believe they haven’t upgraded the 8330m curve phones with 5.0 yet ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. George Park says:

    This is the best app i think that i have come across for BB! Well done good sir! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Toni says:

    Just a heads up to anyone experiencing issues with the client – with one of the server upgrades from Protocol ver 29/Launcher ver 13, the Minecraft authentication process now includes some encryption and other protocol changes that will need to be implemented in BerryCraft. I will post another update when the fixes are in place. Thanks!

  5. john says:


    My berrycraft always says “packer error”, what shoul i do?

  6. keith says:

    Hello Toni, I have an error when everytime I try to connect, I get a packet error

  7. Emmit says:

    Hi, I’ve entererd my username, password and the server I wish to enter, and their is nothing wrong with my internet speed, but is keeps saying: “Packet error”. What am I doing wrong?

  8. Damian says:

    Does this thing work with minecraft 1.7.4 and if it does what do I do when it says ‘packet error’?

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