Expanding the blog

So, the last week or so I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction I want this blog to go. I’ve decided to widen the areas I talk about to include the following:

1. Personal Entries – not so much in a “today I had an excellent ham sandwich” way, but there are often times when I want to write about things going in my life that are technology or computer science related, and I don’t have a good forum to do that. I would love to have a place where I can post thoughts and quick ideas, and I figured this blog would be a good choice.

2. Technology (non-CS) tutorials – especially in the area of retrocomputing, there are a lot of times when I’m looking to do something, can’t find a great solution that’s already been done online, so I have to experiment and find my own path. I would like to post my experiences to hopefully help someone else avoid some headaches. This happens quite a lot with working with older machines, due to the fact that there is a lot of information that simply didn’t make it to the Internet. If a computer was only semi-popular in the early 80s and not used since, it’s often hard to find information.

3. Who knows what else?

I basically want to use this blog for more things, as well as be a little more active documenting things going on with Shredz64 and the PSX64. So I hope you’ll read along and perhaps find some useful information!

2 Responses to Expanding the blog

  1. bob says:

    What the hell! You haven’t posted since July, and the day after I started watching your feed, you spring back into life? Well, good for you, I hope you keep us updated on the progress of Shred64. Your youtube vid left me speechless.

  2. Toni says:

    Ha, that’s quite the coincidence. Thanks for your kind words about the video! I’m making a few updates to the game to get ready for the World of Commodore conference held in Toronto in December, so there should be some more Shredz64/PSX64 news in the weeks to come.

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